Like each client, each opportunity is unique. At Pride, we believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to enterprise solutions. However, every Pride engagement is guided by a straight-forward, PrideGuided, process that is focused on delivering world-class solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Each stage of the PrideGuided engagement process represents moving closer to delivering the value-added improvements to our clients’ business. If we don’t increase value, we haven’t succeeded.


The PrideGuided Engagement Process is a proven, step-wise, approach that brings together client opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, intelligent design, and unmatched project management. Each engagement is an expert collaboration around building value for our clients.


PrideGuided Engagement Process. The simple way of bringing the complex to life.

Process stages -- Engage - Discover - Develop - Enable - Verify
Red box that says Engage

Getting off to the right start is a critical part of each PrideGuided Engagement.
During this phase, we seek to build a connection with clients around their needs and our capabilities. Each engagement represents a unique set of expertise. As we begin to share high-level information about the business issues, we begin to jointly understand potential solutions, impacted user communities, and other key stakeholders


Before moving forward, we ensure our client feels assured that their needs can be met through our PrideGuided process.